Eclipse Battery Voltage Monitor

Tiny doesn’t do this auto-dimming battery voltage monitor justice! It’s miniscule with a multitude of functions.

The Eclipse is a fully waterproof voltage indicator with a bright three colour (green/amber/red) LED. The entire control circuit is built into a tiny water-resistant capsule embedded directly behind the LED, and a black nylon bezel (plus a spare) are supplied for a tidy installation into your panel. It is guaranteed waterproof.

The Eclipse constantly monitors the ambient light level and adjusts the LED’s output brightness instantly and seamlessly, so that the LED will not dazzle at night time. There is no ‘third wire’ or separate sensor.

Benefits of auto-dimming:

  • LED is brightly visible in sunshine and comfortably dimmed during dark
  • maintains optimum indication with minimum distraction
  • micropower consumption in darkness


  • dims automatically in response to ambient light
  • fully waterproof & shockproof (IP rating pending)
  • available in three LED sizes; 10mm, 8mm, and 5mm
  • indicates your battery’s charge condition and confirms alternator operation (if applicable)
  • available in 6v, 12v, or 24v versions (or other voltage from 3v min. to 32v max.)
  • extremely precise (12v unit is +/-0.03v)
  • 600 mm long flexible flying leads (longer leads available on request)
  • reverse polarity and overload protected
  • simple two wire connection to positive & negative
  • very low power consumption (8ma in bright light, 1ma in darkness)
  • suitable for direct connection to battery (simply cover to reduce drain when garaged)
Voltage: Output: Engine running: Engine stopped (electrics off):
>15.20v Green / Red alternating over-charging – regulator problem not applicable
>13.20v Green steady normal charging exceptional battery charge (uncommon)
>12.45v Amber steady under-charging – alternator problem normal battery, charged and in good health
>12.25v ■■ Red slow flashing not charging – battery low fair battery charge
>12.05v •• Red 2 flashes, repeating not charging – battery low low battery charge
>11.80v ••• Red 3 flashes, repeating not charging – battery very low very low battery charge
<11.80v •••• Red 4 flashes, repeating not charging – battery very low consider renewing battery


As it is so small and waterproof, installation is as easy or as difficult as you want it to be. It can be installed anywhere relatively close to virtually any live circuit. It doesn’t have to be near the battery.

On the Honda Deauville 700 it is installed in the instrument panel. This took a little more work as the instrument panel had to be removed and then drilled (eek!). The hole required depends on the unit purchased but it’s no more than 14 mm. I choose the 8 mm unit so needed a 12 mm hole. If you are going to mount it in your dashboard, or anywhere else for that matter, double check that you’re not going to damage any circuitry – “measure twice, cut once

Connection is better to a low power switched circuit and not to the headlights or heated grips etc. You can connect it directly to the battery (it draws very little power) provided the bike isn’t garaged over winter or for long periods.

So what’s it like in use?

The LED battery monitor has operated flawlessly for over 5 years. It gives an extremely easy to read state of your battery and, if there’s a problem, the flashing LED will catch your eye.

On turning on the ignition you (usually) get a steady red light. On starting it usually flashes because the starter motor is drawing a great deal of current. Once the engine is started the LED turns green after about 1 second. That’s it. Simples!

When the battery on the Deauville started to fail about 4 years ago, the Eclipse gave lots of warning that it wasn’t charging properly. This meant I could order a new battery and fit it before being stuck at the side of the road.

I thoroughly recommend this unit. Properly positioned it even looks OEM.

You can get your Eclipse Battery Voltage Monitor here:

I’m not associated with this company in any way other than having bought and fully paid for one or more of their products. They are unaware that I am writing this review.

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