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This site is a general blog about motorcycles and things to do with motorcycles. It will include “Farkles” – added accessories, cleaning and maintenance, training, track days, travel – places to visit, photography and the like.

Although the main image is of an FJR, we will be discussing all other types of motorcycles.

I hope you’ll find something useful.


How to Pin the Panniers on a Yamaha FJR1300

There have been occasions when the side cases on the FJR1300 have become detached while riding, especially after hitting a bump or deformity in the road. Only just the other day someone posted on another site about one of his Panniers becoming detached and self destructing on the road. Luckily this hasn’t happened to me. Even so I decided to do something about it.


Wouldn’t it be nice to find a site that guides you through things to do with motorcycling?

Bike Farkles is about everything to do with motorcycles. It doesn’t focus or any one part. It will try to show you how to do things and give you information about “the why” as well.

From accessories to enhance your ride, to training to enhance your skills and pleasure, to travel and places to visit. Where possible we’ll include videos to help you.

What’s more, if you have a topic you’d like us to discuss, tell us and we’ll try to discuss it as soon as possible.

It’s great to have you along for the ride.